Help for Middle Aged Hands

I never really took care of my skin for most of my life, until now. I guess that’s what 50 something will do to you.

My hands, for example. When my hands felt dry, I would find some kind of lotion to put on and go on about my life until my hands felt dry again.

A few years ago, my wife Colleen introduced me to the wonder of manicure and pedicures. This was a great help and my hands felt much better most of the time.

A few weeks ago, I noticed some eczema spots on my hands. I complained – I mean mentioned it – to my wife, and she handed me a tube of Skin Conditioning Oil that she sells as a Health and Wellness Consultant.


I didn’t expect much, but I tried some – and I noticed a huge difference the next day. I was shocked. Here is a photo of my hands the day after I tried some of the Skin Conditioning Oil. Note: I didn’t think to take a “before” picture because I really didn’t expect much to happen.


I put a pen mark on the two eczema spots. I know. Pen marks. I’m a guy. Anyway, here is a photo taken two days after the last one was taken.


Look, I normally don’t post these kinds of these things, but I was really blown away at how this product healed these eczema spots on hands that are regularly manicured.

I see (as I bet you have, too) people showing pictures of unknown people to sell this or that product, but this is ME and these are MY HANDS. It’s incredible.

If you are like me and you haven’t taken care of your skin, specifically your hands – take a look at them. Go ahead – take a look at them. Do you notice any rough patches, eczema spots, etc? If so, I would recommend this Skin Conditioning Oil without hesitation – to you.

One more thing, I mentioned what the Skin Conditioning Oil did for my hands to a co-worker and let him try some, and he ended up buying a tube for himself.

I invite you to experience what this Skin Conditioning Oil can do for you!

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