How To Increase Chances of Winning Radio/TV Contests and Not Have to Listen to The Radio The Whole Day – Not So Dumb Tip


Everyone wants to win contests, but you normally can’t listen to a certain radio station all day to get the “Winning Word” then call in at a certain time or song. What if life happens and you miss the word, or don’t know the song to listen for to call in? It makes you not want to try to win, but keep reading, help is on the way.

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or let’s say that you are watching a TV show to write down all the daily “Winning Words” to win a contest. What if you miss watching for a day or two? It makes you get cynical and give up on even trying, but buck up ‘lil camper we have help from lots of other people who want to help you out.

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There are thousands of contests all over the place (TV, Radio, etc) that you can win to get concert tickets, free gas, money, etc, and we have a secret way that could give you the upper hand to win.

The great thing about the internet is it gets people together, and sometimes they help each other out.

This is that time… I introduce you to the forum Contests and Sweepstakes section.


Note: We make no guarantees of the information provided or your chances of winning.

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