Bad Hairstyles for Men and How to Fix Them

In my opinion, Men in general have no style. The men that do have style are magical, but the rest of us are trying our best, which usually isn’t.

Take hair, for example.

Men have a short time to do stylish things, before our hair falls out, and when a clock is running, men get desperate and do desperate things, like these;


The famous Mullet. I had one, and you did, too. Admit it. I dare you to add a pic of your mullet to a comment on the post.


Hey Dad, See what me and my brother did with the hair clippers while you were at work. Cool, huh?


What the Flock – of Seagulls. Sometimes an idea that sorta worked on Mtv definitely didn’t work in real life. So I say, You Run, You Run so far away from this please.


The Wall of product and hair. I wonder if that hair style could break through a window?


Ahhh! It’s an explosion of hair. He could play the before picture of a human dandelion.

Oops hair

This hair style is called the Oops, style.


When Men start to lose it (their hair I mean), they do things like this. The not too subtle comb-over.


The “My head and hair are art” cut. From a marketing perspective, I can see this coming in handy. I could shave in “” on my head and walk around, but then this idea gets creepy…


See, creepy.

If all else fails, you can wear a hat (all the time) like Brett Michaels or The Edge.


Here are some tips to deal with a bad hair style/cut:

or you could go to the Mormon Beauty School

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