My 10 Favorite Video Games – Part 1 – Men are Dumb

Half Life 2 (Orange Box)

I read somewhere that when this game was originally slated to be released, the creator didn’t think it was good enough, scrapped it and started again. I would like to say thank you to that person. This is such a great, immerse, fun game that it was worth the wait. The world is immense, dangerous and worth the hours I dedicated to it. I loved the original Team Fortress Classic included with the PC version, which has been upgraded in the Orange Box version for the Xbox360 (as well as new Half Life 2 chapters to play). If we are ever locked in a cell in the future by cyborg captors and zombie creatures running around just find me a crowbar and I’ll get us out. Oh and those red things that look like ribbons hanging down are tongues. Just sayin’

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