How to Watch Local Channels without Cable

One of the biggest issues with cutting the cord is finding out how to watch local channels without cable. We have many options to find what best works for you.

Cheapest Way to Watch Local Channels without Cable

These new HD antennas aren’t like the old rabbit ears you may be used to. They actually work. I tried a few and I’ll let you know how it went.

I tried this one first

Portable TV Antenna, 50 Miles Range Clear TV Premium HD Mini Mobile Antenna,Easy Placement Both Suitable for Home Car Antenna TV Digital HD Indoor Outdoor

It did pull in a number of local TV channels. The clarity was really good for some of the stations (some stations broadcast older shows that aren’t in 1080 or 4K, so you’ll need to figure that in to your experience). The big plus is that it was small. If your TV is far away from a window, you could attach it to the back of the TV and not have to worry about wires stretching to a window.

I tried this one next

TV Antenna, Amplified Digital HD TV Antenna Indoor for Smart TV Support 4K 1080P Television and TV’s Outdoor HDTV Amplifier Booster for Local Channels 150 Miles Long Range – Magnetic Base&Coax Cable

It’s a given that the channels you can pick up depend on a number of factors: Where you live in accordance to the various station’s broadcast antennas, weather, mountains, etc.

The first antenna I mentioned worked alright, but I wanted to try one that included an amplifier to boost the signal, so I tried the second antenna.

When I scanned for TV channels with the second antenna, I did pick up more local TV channels, and I’ve stayed with this one ever since.

Use the Internet to Watch Local Channels without Cable

Network websites

It is a good idea to look up your local TV network websites to see what TV shows they provide streaming access after they have broadcast.

A different way to keep up with news stories is on YouTube. It offers links to watch important news stories Live (elections, for example) on different from certain TV networks. Also, most TV networks put news stories (and some complete news shows) on YouTube to view after it initially aired. It is definitely worth your time to take a good look at YouTube’s offerings.

Local Network News websites

Local news streaming offerings are more plentiful. The local TV network news websites have links that allow you to stream news when it is live. If you follow your particular local news stations on Social Media platforms, they can provide links to stream news programs, as well as links to stream breaking news stories.

Local Network News Streaming Apps

If you have a Smart TV, Fire TV device, etc, there are many local TV network streaming apps that can be downloaded. The nice thing is that if you catch these new programs as they are being aired, you can watch them “live”, then afterward, the news programs and stories are saved and made available on these apps, so you can keep up with stories, weather, etc on your schedule.

Websites that offer Many Cable Network Channels (in certain areas)

If watching a variety of cable networks appeals to you, check out: USTVGO.TV

Another similar version, here: USTV247.TV

A variation here:

Free Apps to Watch Local Channels without Cable

NewsOn – curated local news

PlutoTV – local news in certain areas

Paid Apps to Watch Local Channels without Cable

YouTubeTV (Local Channels – ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS, PBS Kids, MyTV, Telemundo, Univision, and The CW (In most markets, The CW is on-demand only))

Hulu + Live TV (Local Channels – ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and The CW (In most markets, The CW is on-demand only))

Fubo TV (Local Channels – ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, Telemundo, Univision, and The CW (IN most markets, The CW is on-demand only))

DirectTVStream (Local Channels – ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, The CW, PBS, PBS Kids MyTV, and Telemundo)

Sling TV (Local Channels – NBC and FOX)

Paramount + (Local Channels – CBS only)

Peacock (Local Channels – NBC only)

Awesome Ways to Lower Your Cable Bill

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