How to Buy the Right Engagement Gift for the Guy – A Guide for the Ladies

Last week we discussed How to Buy the Right Engagement Ring, but let’s discuss the gift for the Guy.

What gift for the Guy, you ask?

Women respond – “It doesn’t happen that way!” some (Okay, all women) might (will) say. “The guy gives his betrothed a ring, she says Yes (hopefully), and that’s it”.

Well, no – that shouldn’t be it.

I am proposing a gift that will show the love the lady has for her man back to him after he gives her the ring.

Women respond – “That’s too much to ask for us to give a gift back! What about a watch?”

No – not a watch.

We are proposing something that guys can show other men how much their ladies’ love them. The other guys will Oo and Ahh over their gift, just like the ladies do, except it isn’t a piece a jewelry – it is something with more emotion and feeling attached to it. We have chosen something that follows a similar 5 C pattern, too.

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