How to Buy the Right Engagement Gift for the Guy – A Guide for the Ladies

We propose that a lady a man has graced her hand with a ring will grace his house with a – Wide Screen TV.


No just any wide screen TV, but one that is chosen with care following these 5 C’s

Clarity (of Sound) – From hearing a rumble of a Star Destroyer soar overhead or the cursing of a football coach that should have been bleeped out, sound is extremely important. Be sure to add huge sub-woofers to the package (To shake the dust off and annoy the neighbor who’s daughter is “learning” the violin).

Cable Package – There’s nothing like having a Wide Screen TV and wondering what things would look like, so be sure to add every type of channel possible. Football, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Cheerleading training camp, all that should be viewed on the TV.

Crispness – Be sure to buy a TV that you can see the finest details of things like clothes in movies like, um, well “Just Go With It,” for a random example.


Also ladies, this will give better clarity when you and your honey watch the wedding video (If there isn’t anything else important on).

Connectivity – Be sure to buy a TV that is fully connected to the internet. Not for your Facebook games, but for important things like; Looking up which other movies Brooklyn Decker is in, Setting reminders of trash day and Ordering pizza to celebrate Brooklyn Decker’s birthday.

Comfort – Be sure to include a recliner with massage rollers choices, but if you REALLY love him, you could rub his shoulders for an hour yourself or hire someone not as attractive as you, but pretty close.

Well, that’s it. Ladies, go out and buy the best Engagement Gift for your man. He really deserves it.

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