How to Choose the Right Engagement Ring – A Guide for Dumb Guys

We here at the Men are Dumb will tell you a secret – the Engagement shouldn’t be chosen just on what your pre-fiance likes/wants…

Man and Woman shopping for an engagment ring

He thinks: There goes my chance of ever getting Season Tickets…

…it actually what her friends like/want –

Young Woman Showing Jealous Friend Engagement Ring

so, we think you should gather the information from her friends about the ring you will buy for your pre-fiance. Makes sense, right? Right. So, big boy you get to “almost date” all your pre-fiance’s friends – for the right reasons, of course. 🙂

You can do this over the phone or over a flight of wine at a nearby restaurant. Make sure that you sweep the area for any moles that would take and send out pictures of your ring info gathering dinner/drinks/desert/slow dancing (Only to work off the wine buzz) and as a further precaution ask that you hold the interviewee’s phone, too. Have fun and remember, you have many more pre-fiance friend “almost-dates” to go, so don’t waste too much time on the first one. 🙂


Once you have gathered all the information you can and you are still together with your pre-fiance, you now have to consider the famous 5 C’s of the Engagement Ring and what they mean to you…

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