How to Choose the Right Engagement Ring – A Guide for Dumb Guys

When a guy finds a woman that will put up with – I mean, love him, most guys move to the next step – a separate Facebook account for “fun”. I’m KIDDING! I meant marriage, but not so fast ladies, as you know there are a multitude of steps between deciding to get married and actually getting married. We will focus on on this in the process this time – The Engagement Ring.

biggest diamond ring ever

Ok, maybe that is a slight exaggeration, but Engagement Rings do strange things to people;

For guys it drains their bank accounts,

For gals like – Miley Cyrus, for example it changed her from this –


to this




or this


Anyway, be careful guys, you never know what an Engagement Ring can do, and yes I’d love for her gas pumping outfit to catch on. Ladies? Huh? It could be great! 🙂

Ok, back to choosing the right Engagement Ring…


The initial step is to gather information. Don’t worry, it can be fun…

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