How to Buy the Right Engagement Gift for the Guy – A Guide for the Ladies

Last week we discussed How to Buy the Right Engagement Ring, but let’s discuss the gift for the Guy.

What gift for the Guy, you ask?

Women respond – “It doesn’t happen that way!” some (Okay, all women) might (will) say. “The guy gives his betrothed a ring, she says Yes (hopefully), and that’s it”.

Well, no – that shouldn’t be it.

I am proposing a gift that will show the love the lady has for her man back to him after he gives her the ring.

Women respond – “That’s too much to ask for us to give a gift back! What about a watch?”

No – not a watch.

We are proposing something that guys can show other men how much their ladies’ love them. The other guys will Oo and Ahh over their gift, just like the ladies do, except it isn’t a piece a jewelry – it is something with more emotion and feeling attached to it. We have chosen something that follows a similar 5 C pattern, too.

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How to Choose the Right Engagement Ring – A Guide for Dumb Guys

When a guy finds a woman that will put up with – I mean, love him, most guys move to the next step – a separate Facebook account for “fun”. I’m KIDDING! I meant marriage, but not so fast ladies, as you know there are a multitude of steps between deciding to get married and actually getting married. We will focus on on this in the process this time – The Engagement Ring.

biggest diamond ring ever

Ok, maybe that is a slight exaggeration, but Engagement Rings do strange things to people;

For guys it drains their bank accounts,

For gals like – Miley Cyrus, for example it changed her from this –


to this




or this


Anyway, be careful guys, you never know what an Engagement Ring can do, and yes I’d love for her gas pumping outfit to catch on. Ladies? Huh? It could be great! 🙂

Ok, back to choosing the right Engagement Ring…


The initial step is to gather information. Don’t worry, it can be fun…

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5 Best Vince Vaughn Movie Roles

Vincent Anthony “Vince” Vaughn was Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota on March 28, 1970, and after that the world got cooler and funnier.


We will highlight 5 (to us) of the funniest film roles of Vince Vaughn

5. The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Steven Spielberg spied Vince in “Swingers” and wanted to give him more exposure in the sequel to the monstrous hit, “Jurassic Park”. Vince seemed a bit out of his comedy element (Don’t get me started about the remake of ‘Psycho’), but he used this action thriller to make another mark to a different audience, and the “trailer over the cliff” segment is still just freaking awesome!

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Incredible BTS Classic Movie photos (Star Wars, The Dark Knight, Ghostbusters and more)

With the advent of youtube and the saturation of information on DVDs and magazines about the making of films you would think we had seen it all. I think I may have found some mostly unseen treasures.


Photo credit:

There was a time when behind the scenes photos were magical pictures of film creatives creating motion pictures that would thrill us on a very tight (almost no) budget. Seeing a miniature New York street set for a humongous Stay Puffed Marshmallow man to walk down, the Star Wars heroes (sans the SW regalia) setting around cutting it up in a studio break room or Godzilla with its interior actor shown drinking tea in-between takes.

The farther we move into the CGI age, the less we may see of these types of BTS shots, and the more they are discovered, we need to treasure them and share them with future generations.

So, if you remember movies like the original Tron, Goonies, the original Conan the Barbarian, the original Planet of the Apes, Pulp Fiction, etc, you’ll love the photos you’ll find at:

The Differences Between Shopping Like a Man or a Woman – Part 2


In case you haven’t read Part One of this post, here it is.

In a women’s clothing section, there is a chair. That is – the man’s chair. It is a very pitiful sight, because the man who sits there has ran through the thousands of possible ways to pass the time, while the zombie wanders in the clothes section. He has already;

1. Played all the preview video games, and beat all the high scores, and trash talked the kids that played before him, “Yeah, you’re not the Dragon King now, are you? Uh Uh. I am. That’s right.”,


2. Acted like an employee of the store and misdirected people who ask for directions,

3. Found the hack code to use the “info” phones and make announcements over the store intercom, “Today is “Don’t use your Smart phone in the store” day, because we want you to focus on our annoying ads,” “Today is “Don’t yell at your man because he leaves his socks in the front room floor” day. Dr. Phil said so,” and “If we hear your kids crying, you will pay double for everything,”

4. Turned up all the radios in the electronics section loud to different stations, and danced around crazily,

5. Went into all the bathroom stalls in the men’s room, lock the stall doors, and crawl out underneath them. Note: Some men will have a hard time doing this (The getting back out underneath part),

6. Told people the endings of the books they pick up to buy, then duck when they throw them,

7. Found and put on a scary masks and jumped up behind the kid photographer taking a picture, making the kid’s cry,

8. Went to the food counter, and took an inordinate amount of time choosing what to buy, then ask very specific questions, “When was the last time you cleaned the grill? With what may I ask? What was the expiration date on that spray? Is that blue slurpee drink from the waters of the Avatar planet? Really? What if this is all a simulation, and that drink is real? Hmm?”

I could keep going, but some guys just give up and go to “the chair,” and hunker down for a long day. He could go to sleep, but then kids would write on his face with mascara, and that would be bad.

I had heard that a group of men wanted to introduce a Bill stating that as long as a man had to wait for a woman to “shop,” they could go into the electronics section and watch anything on the wide screen TV.

Yes, I mean anything.

The Bill never made it past the first vote.

In conclusion, Women and Men both do handle the act of shopping differently. I have just been handed a reminder that men wander in the tool section for hours. I need to investigate if this is because their wives are wandering around in the clothing section. Let me get back to you on that. 😉

All in the Family Trivia


We were saddened to learn that Jean Stapleton passed away. She had a varied career, but most of us will always remember her as the long-suffering Edith, the wife of the ever opinionated, Archie Bunker. Even though the show enraged some of the viewers because of Archie’s views, is also was an uncomfortable mirror of how many Americans felt about issues like racism, homosexuality, etc, and brought them out into the public arena for further discussion. The show still is relevant today.

Here are some trivia questions about a ground-breaking sitcom in which most of us were introduced to Jean Stapleton’s fantastic acting as Edith Bunker.

1. What film did Jean Stapleton turn down to play Edith Bunker?

A. Big Jake
B. Bedknobs and Broomsticks
C. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

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‘Once Upon a Time’ Almost Had a Very Different ‘Swan’ in Storybrooke


ABC TV’s #1 Twisted, Fairy Tale Drama has cast a spell on TV audiences since it’s debut in 2011. We have learned that in the OUAT universe, Rumpelstiltskin could be himself, the Beast and a Crocodile all at the same time and not break a sweat. Even if you flow along with the wild plot twists and turns, you might be very surprised at an early decision that could have changed the show forever.

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