Incredible BTS Classic Movie photos (Star Wars, The Dark Knight, Ghostbusters and more)

With the advent of youtube and the saturation of information on DVDs and magazines about the making of films you would think we had seen it all. I think I may have found some mostly unseen treasures.


Photo credit:

There was a time when behind the scenes photos were magical pictures of film creatives creating motion pictures that would thrill us on a very tight (almost no) budget. Seeing a miniature New York street set for a humongous Stay Puffed Marshmallow man to walk down, the Star Wars heroes (sans the SW regalia) setting around cutting it up in a studio break room or Godzilla with its interior actor shown drinking tea in-between takes.

The farther we move into the CGI age, the less we may see of these types of BTS shots, and the more they are discovered, we need to treasure them and share them with future generations.

So, if you remember movies like the original Tron, Goonies, the original Conan the Barbarian, the original Planet of the Apes, Pulp Fiction, etc, you’ll love the photos you’ll find at:

A Dumb Guy Reviews (1997) Titanic

dumb men review cf

Today’s Chick Flick I will review is (1997) Titanic.

Short review: The most awesome first date goes terribly wrong.

Long review: So, the guy from Inception (much younger this time)


and the gal with a big hat


meet on The Titanic.

He is poor, she is rich, but he has a plan – he is an artist. More on that later.

So, bighat has a mean boyfriend, the actor dude from Tombstone


So, Inception guy pulls the great “I’d like to draw you,” and she says, “Sure, if I can just wear my really expensive necklace”.


The Inception guy is one lucky dude, except that Captain Obi Wan didn’t know that the ship would hit an iceberg.


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