Hosea – a love story

RoneyZone Media has always used many platforms to express our creativity; Blogs, Social Media, Graphics, Videos, Podcasting, Audio Parodies, and Audio Dramas.

A few years ago I decided to create a Bible Story with the depth of Hollywood Movies or TV Shows that I had admired for many years. To take the story and characters that I chose and dive into the subject matter to bring it to life for a new generation.

My perspective would not be to water the story down, like a Veggie Tales treatment, but as if Martin Scorsese would direct it – but back off a bit.

I wrote the script and waited. I revisited the script, rewrote it and decided to cast it to see if it could be made at all. My goal was not to use religious belief as a litmus test, only the skill of the actors. The actors I gathered were an amazing group that brought the script to life.

This has been posted years ago on a site that has since crashed, so I decided to dust off this Audio Drama of the Bible story, Hosea and present it again.

I will add the link to the audio drama production here (at the bottom of this post). I am quite aware that some have differing beliefs and non-beliefs, but I will let the production stand on its own.