Survivor finale 2013 – Geeks Win! Hero of the Week – John M. Cochran

Who thought that the instantly sunburning, social stumbling, smart guy, Cochran could pull off the unthinkable – a Sole Survivor Win. Me, that’s who. More info on this Season: CLick here

CBS' "Survivor: Caramoan Fans VS Favorites" Finale And Reunion

There has been a huge shift from when I was in High School. Geeks were spectacled gigglers hoping to tutor the entire cheer-leading squad, but now they rule the world.

The Big Band Theory TV show was an obvious Main stream shot across the bow of conventional Reality TV fodder, but other geeks were already taking over.

Steve Jobs, and his “prophecy” that he wanted to build a computer for every household, invented the iphone and went farther than anyone could have thought.

Geeks became cool. The paradigm shift happened because some geeks were persistent, began to believe in themselves (Like Cochran proved) and believe that there was a little geek in all of us.

As one Geek to another, Cochran, you rock! Thanks for making smart, sexy again. Oh, and two words for you Cochran, Danica McKellar. You’re welcome.