How do you Keep the Bathroom Stall Door Shut (if it has no lock)? 5 Perfect Ways

It’s 2013. We’ve done lots as the human race. I mean we have a Man Groomer (so Men can shave their own backs) mangroomer-3-092706 for Heaven’s Sake, but even with all that, sometimes the small things still allude mankind – like a bathroom stall door that will stay shut the entire “visit”.

There is nothing like running to or from somewhere, let’s say you are in an airport and (of course) your connecting gate is on the other side of the airport (I’m looking at you DFW airport). You run in, praying to the Latrine god that there is a spare. You are in luck! Huzzah! You rush in and quickly look for the lock.

Hmm, you see where it used to be. Now, you realize you are the joke of the Men’s room, because all the other guys ran in this one first and left it because it had no lock. What do you do? Natural is calling – screaming now, so you run through the options of keeping the stall door closed to spare you the weird introduction to the guy waiting, because it eases open when you touch (or look at the side wall of the stall). You could;

1. Use your carry on bag as a Wall of Security (with Cinnamon Bears in a zipped flap), but what if you have no carry on bag, and you’re not in an airport restroom, no lock, what do you do?

2. (This takes planning) Slip in something the size of bottle cap into the slot where the hinge is, or

3. Create one out of the cardboard of the paper butt gaskets or toilet paper and push in the slot on the hinge side, or

4. (This takes lots of focus and multi-tasking abilities) Use your shin (sort of easy) or foot (Very, very difficult) to keep the door shut, or you could buy one of these

5. Introducing the Stall Stopper 5-a-clip-that-prevents-restroom-doors-from-opening. Now, carrying it around all the time after you use it, is all on you, but I wanted to let you know.

So, has the door opened on you? How do you keep the bathroom stall door shut if it has a flimsy or no lock?

Just be glad the bathroom stall door doesn’t sound like a whale.

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