Why do Women Wear Sparkly Shoes to Workout?

Working Out is important, but not fun – like doing your taxes, getting a physical, or taking college classes (and trying to get good grades).

Men are all about getting there. Men will only go and workout if;
1. The weather is good enough (Not too hot or too cold),
2. There’s isn’t alot of traffic on the roads,
3. He can find a *good* parking space at the gym parking lot,
4. The cute gal is working at the juice bar,
5. He can find an eye-level locker,
6. He can find an open treadmill next to the water fountain,
you get the idea.


Women and working out takes on a whole new level of must haves. To go work out, the lady must have;
1. The *right* Work Out shoes, which must *go* with
2. The matching Work Out outfit with
3. The matching Water Bottle with
4. The matching earbud cords with
5. The matching bag to carry it all in.

Don’t believe that they think like this? Take it away Glamorous Gaby 1!!!

Moments that stand out;
“Yoga pants provide “cute coverage”” What’s cute coverage?? I thought it was Kristen Bell with a mic and camera on the Oscar Red Carpet. Besides, men are usually against coverage of cute. Ya know.
A “popping print” headband. Guys would reach for a Rambo rambonew or Keith Richards KeithRichardslifestory headband. No popping print, just a place to soak up the sweat (if there is an open treadmill, of course).
Gals wear earrings to work out? Earrings?
Great tip about the water, btw. Thanks.
“Sparkly” Tennis Shoes. Is this a “Twilight” thing?
“Low Key” Workout Outfit??? Now you’re talking. I’ll just wear my U2 Joshua Tree shirt OO121, Chucks Converse1970sChuckTaylorAllStar03 and Big ‘ol shorts down to my knees with a thousand pockets on em bigshorts to do my “low key” workout (Which includes relaxation (Latin for a nap)) oIIbMLa and focusing my Chi on my Xbox360 h81C68CDF.
“I knotted up a loose tank to make the outfit look ‘effortless'” Well, guys are the kings of making outfits look effortless, without the knotted tank.
“The knot I made on the side is a “90’s” knot” 90’s knot??? Where is this list of decade knots? I’ll bet a 60’s knot is real crazy.
I don’t know what a “cute sweatshirt” is. Now unless it’s 20 below, I’m a no-sweatshirt kinda guy.
Spandex, ahh! Now, you’re talking. Don’t judge, but for us ‘hefty’ guys, spandex boxer shorts are great for us bigger gents walking (No chaffing). I took all cotton boxer to Walt Disney World one time and almost died. Spandex boxers, that’s the ticket gents.

Thanks Gaby for giving us guys a glimpse into what women go through to get dressed up and go workout.

Guys get dressed in clothes that fit, and if it goes together, its a miracle.


This is the goofiest Mick Jagger video – ever. Let’s Work – out! Lose weight and kill poverty, right Mick?

So, guys or ladies, what are your thoughts on getting dressed up to work out?