I Do Not Like that Muskrat Love song (but I always listen to it EVERYTIME)!

There are songs that you don’t like, but for some reason they are like the newest “In Search of Nessie/Big Foot/A Really Good Star Wars Video Game” show, you get hooked and can’t walk away.


Muskrat Love is one of those things. I haven’t taken the time to see if songs about animal love are even legal, but I will keep listening and take the risk of PETA coming to my house (hopefully they send pretty ladies directly after a photo shoot).

So, I was on http://grooveshark.com (It’s like youtube for music) and then it happened, I typed M-U-S-K-R-A-T L-O-V-E and there it was. Ny audio nemesis – Muskrat Love


Muskrat Love by Captain & Tennille on Grooveshark

recorded by a duo that created some of the catchiest pop/synth songs in the 70’s, Captain (Not a real Captain. I think he found the hat on sale, or something) and Tennille.


Now, if that was the only version, that would be bad enough, but the cooly cruel Grooveshark drags you deeper into its web of awful (ly good) 70’s novelty hits. C&T weren;t the first to record this Amorous Ondatra song, here is the original by Willis Alan Ramsey

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