Noah Munck Mans Up in Nicky Deuce – Red Carpet Premiere and (Non Spoilery) Review



I had the extreme privilege of attending the Nicky Deuce premiere last night at the at the Arclight Theater:


Trivia Part One: This was not the first time Noah has used a New York, tough guy accent. He used it in his role in the 2007 film “Rainbow Tribe” playing Ryan.

Apart from the history of the site the event was held, it was so cool to see the amazing red carpet event for Nicky Deuce;

The Red Carpet

Noah Munck (Nicholas Borelli/Nicky Deuce) on the Red Carpet


Cristine Prosperi (Donna) on the Red Carpet


Noah and Christine on the Red Carpet



The Review (No Spoilers)

This movie was great. It’s a comedic mystery film about Nicholas Borelli growing up from a geeky, overly protected young man into the strong, adventurous Nicky Deuce. The story involves Nicolas visiting his mysterious Uncle Frankie (Steve Schirripa) and his Grandma Tutti (Rita Moreno) in Brooklyn, meeting the darling, Donna (Cristine Prosperi) and soon after becomes a part of mob-ish capers including a Sopranos mini reunion (of sorts) including Steve Schirripa, Michael Imperioli (The Doctor), Tony Sirico (Charlie Cement), Vincent Curatola (Paulie), and of course, James Gandolfini (Bobby Eggs). There are lots of great moments in this film, but the best to see Noah Munck growing beyond the Gibby in an ensemble we’ve been used to and now seeing a more mature Noah stepping into the role as star.

Trivia Part Two: You can get another mob-ish connection with Noah back in iCarly’s “iOpen a Restaurant” episode when Gibby gives an homage to the 1990 film Goodfellas in the Billy Boots and the restaurant fight scene.

The After Party

After the screening, there was a reception in the Arclight Cafe. It was so great to see many of the stars attending the premiere also chatting it up at the reception. There was also a raffle to benefit the Ryan Seacrest Foundation (Such a great guy and a great cause.). It was a great evening already, but then we spotted Andy Dick (fresh from his great run on Dancing With The Stars), and he was so cool to take some time for some pictures and chatting it up with fans. He is a very cool guy.

colleenandandy.jpg large

I have to hand it to Nickelodeon and Mar Vista Entertainment and The Arclight Theater Hollywood for putting on such a great Premiere! Great job all around.

See Nicky Deuce Yourself

Be sure to see the Premiere of Nicky Deuce on Nickelodeon on Monday May 27th at 8PM/7C