Getting Ready to Go Somewhere; Men .vs Women

I love Women (especially my lovely, very, very, very understanding wife), but there is a huge difference between how long it takes a guy to get ready, compared to a gal.

Let’s say it’s a dinner for an elderly family member’s birthday. The guy feverishly searches through the mysterious mound at the bottom of the closet of; shirts that don’t fit anymore, MC Hammer pants mchammerpants and two different kinds of flip flops to reveal “The Really Good Shoes”. The guy feels like Indiana Jones Indiana-Jones discovering a lost treasure, then spies a Motely Crue headband motley+crue he wore to the concert he took Ellen “Best Cherry Stem Tie-r in the whole school” cherrystem Smith to. His mind goes back to High School and all the fun he had.

“Are you ready to go, honey?” The voice of a woman running around breaks him from his day dreaming, “Yes,” he says. “You’d better be. We don’t want to be late!” Annoyed, he responds “Alright!”

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