Shoes – Part 1

Men and Women view shoes differently. Women own lots and lots of shoes.


When a shoe closet has its own;
Zip Code,
Bathroom, and
Search and Rescue Team – there is a problem

Now, Men love Women in stylish (That’s Latin for High Heel) shoes. Here is how Men dream of the TSA at the airport…


Men would fly so much more and hide all kinds of water bottles all over. Anyway, back to shoes.

Normally, Men only own a few types of shoes;
Tennis Shoes (Funny, Men own these type of shoes but never play tennis.)
Work Out Shoes (See comment above and insert Work Out for Tennis)
One Flip Flop (Where the other one is a mystery, until you move – or your significant other makes you clean up your bedroom, then you find 2 more. The mystery never ends…)
Work Shoes
Church Shoes (These should be Hole-y, though. See what I did there. :pause: Okay, let’s move on then.)
Shoes you paint in (These used to be your Tennis or Work Out Shoes, but now they look like they’ve been in a Tug of War with a Pit Bull and The Alien from “Alien”.


Weird shoes (You don’t know why Men own them, they just do)

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Men are Dumb, an Intro

Hi! I am Jeff. I’m a married man, and I am dumb. Now, this sounds like I’ve joined a Dumb Guy Anonymous group, but to my knowledge there is none, til now.


I’ll start my own, and let you read the minutes each week (That’s Latin for blog posts. See what I did there). This blog is a way for me to be honest about my (and other guy’s) dumbness and try to help men everywhere stay out of the doghouse. Sure, we may discuss some of the cra- I mean, different ways that women walk through life with all their rules, but we will be nice about it. Right, guys?

The name of the blog if Men are Dumb, and I Should Know. The reason for the title is I thought I was the smartest man aliveuntil I got married.

Men discovered; The Wheel, Fire, but still can’t remember to put the toilet seat down.

It all started with an Intervention with my fiancĂ©, her top 5 MySpace friends and her tearful Mom trying to explain much of what I thought was cool (a choir of Big Mouth Billy Bass fishes singing “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” as people walked into my apartment, building a replica of Disneyland out of empty soda cans, and claiming that I was “going green” because my dog licked my plates clean after dinner, etc), wasn’t.


So, welcome to my blog, and I hope I can help other men not be as dumb, and do my best to help women not sigh and shake their heads at men (so much).